Meet The Woolly Pig!

Sheep or Pig ?

Meet the woolly pig. Known by breed name as the Mangalitsa pig. It is originally from Hungary and now lives worldwide – including in the United States. He’s got a look and a fleece that will turn the heads of pig lovers everywhere. Sometimes called “Sheep-Pig” or “Woolly Pig” because of their long curly hair, these pigs have a sheep-like fleece that can be black, red or blond.  Mangalitsa pigs have a very distinctive appearance. Unfortunately, their wool is coarse and doesn’t have a use beyond keeping the pigs warm in cold weather. There is no practical human use of the wool fibers to make clothing or turning the wool into usable yarn. Despite that minor handicap, the Sheep-Pig or Woolly Pig is prized for it’s succulent meat and docile temperment.

Wild and Wooly Beginnings

Bred from domestic Hungarian pigs and European wild boar the Mangalitsa sports a thick coat of hair and a flavorful, very fatty meat. Mangalitsa pig meat is often referred to as the “Kobe Beef” of pork products. They continue to make a comeback as chef’s and others discover the delicious flavor of tender pork.

While a common breed in Hungary in the early 20th century, the animal fell into disfavor as people began choosing leaner breeds of pork.  Consumers began turning their backs on to the heavily marbled and fatty meat of a Mangalitsa.   By 1990 officials counted only 200 Mangalitsa pigs remaining in Hungary when an ambitious breeding program was begun. Mangalitsas are also the only remaining woolly breed of pig.

Hobby Farm Favorite

Hobby Farmers love to meet the woolly pig.  Mangalitsa’s do better on hobby farms where the bottom line is not as important as it is for major meat producers. These versatile pigs, while a hearty breed, grow more slowly than many other pigs.  Woollly pigs require more than a year to reach 300 pounds when the flavor of their meat is at its peak.  Other commercial pig breeds need only six months to reach market weight.  In addition, Mangalitsa’s produce smaller litters than most other domestic pigs, making them less than idea for mass commercial producers.

Foraging Feeder

On the plus side, the Mangalitsa is an excellent forager.  They need little to no supplement to their diet if given sufficient room to roam.  Very little is needed beyond one strand of electric fencing to contain them. Mangalitsas present themselves as docile, friendly animals who tolerate human interaction easily.

Drinking Post For Pigs

A woolly pig needs fresh water just like any other pig does. We can’t brag enough about the benefits of pure fresh on-demand drinking water provided by a Drinking Post. A Drinking Post frost-free automatic waterer ensures an unlimited supply of water for your pigs year-round. Whether you’re raising Woolly Pigs, or Berkshires you’ll love the Drinking Post as a solution for your pig watering needs.

Why Drinking Post is the best solution for your pig watering needs:hog in mud puddle next to pig waterer

  • Fresh, clean and 50 degree water year round

      • Unlike other waterers, Drinking Post Waterers do not have standing water in the bowl. Every drink is fresh clean water for your animals that drain after every use.  That spells an end to scummy, mud or algae filled pig watering troughs or tanks! Plus, all the water comes from underground at a consistent drinking temperature of 50 degrees. Consistent water temperature is a HUGE motivator for your pigs and hogs to drink more water leading to healthier, heavier animals.
  • Non Electric

      • Our unique design does not require electricity to maintain temperature controlled water! These freeze proof and energy free pig waterers are similar to frost free yard hydrants in installation and operation. Your new Drinking Post Waterer will not have any standing water above the frost line, the bowl fills once activated in 5-8 seconds and drains immediately after every use. No insulation or concrete pads needed to keep our pig waterers frost free.
  • No Minimum Head Count

      • Whether you have a small litter or a large passel, Drinking Post automatic pig waterers can service your watering needs! Many other automatic pig watering systems require a set number of animals to use their system to keep it freeze proof. With no standing water at risk of freezing, Drinking Post has no minimum head count to keep our waterers functional.
  • Pig/Hog Specific Paddle

      • Our automatic pig waterer comes with a paddle designed with pigs and hogs in mind. The weighted block attached to our round paddle both helps lighten the force needed to activate the fountain. Best of all it sticks up and out of the bowl so pigs of any size can activate our frost free pig waterer. With the enclosed wings of our round paddle, the pig paddle can hold up against tough drinkers. Also, this paddle allows for more drainage keeping our pig waterers up and running.

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