5 Favorite Breeds of Horses

Drinking Post For Livestock

We love all kinds of livestock at the Drinking Post, and horses are one of our favorites.    No matter what your favorite breed – The Drinking Post Frost Free Automatic Livestock Waterer is the perfect choice for your horse’s waterering needs. Let’s look at 5 favorite breeds of horses and see which one you love. Be sure to record your thoughts in the comment section at the end of this article.

Quarter Horse

The largest breed registry in the world belongs to the American Quarter Horse.  A quarter horse is athletic, muscular, and known for its versatility.  Originally bred during the 1600s from English and Spanish thoroughbreds crossed with local breeds such as the Native American Chickasaw horse.  These horses are shining stars on the trail and in the show ring. Like their name, this breed is prevalent in the US sprint races, often a quarter of a mile. As quick sprinters, they cover short distances at very high speeds. Most of us know them as willing, versitile coworkers for cowboys, and a trusted trail companion


An origin from the Arabian Peninsula, the Arabian horse is a majestic breed with very distinctive features. It’s one of the oldest types of horse breeds going back to 3000 BC. In fact, every light horse breed, including Appaloosas, Morgan’s, and Andalusians, can trace their ancestry back to the Arabian. It can be a rather spirited horse breed, so not all beginners can handle an Arabian. But proponents of the breed consider them generally a loving and loyal breed.


Thoroughbreds are the most popular racing horse in North America. They carry the label of  a “hot-blooded” horse, which means it’s known for its agility, speed, and spirit. It’s a fine multipurpose horse that often has a career in other equestrian competitions besides racing, such as dressage and jumping. Or it simply lives its life as a companion animal kept for pleasure riding. Originally from the United Kingdom, the Thoroughbred ileads the herd as the fastest racing horse in the world. But, they are also good at jumping, dressage, and hunting. Versatile, fast and extremely athletic, the thoroughbred is a favorite of sporting equestrains.


The strength and elegance of the Morgan have made it a popular horse breed. As the official horse breed of Vermont, Morgan’s cleared and tilled New England farms during colonial times. Today, it’s a popular driving and riding horse. It’s surefooted over rough trail and dignified in the show ring and is a popular choice for horse lovers when it comes to riding and equestrian competitions. Named after its owner, Justin Morgan, this breed is very athletic and performs well on a race track. Despite their short stature, they are also great at saddle seat competitions. Morgan’s are know to be friendly, hence well suited for families.


The Appaloosa lives as an American horse breed best known for its colorful spotted coat pattern. The Appaloosa enjoys it’s positon as one of the most popular breeds in the United States and claims the title of being named the official state horse of Idaho in 1975.  The Nez Perce Native Americans prize the spotted Appaloosa for their use in hunting and battle. Descended from wild horses mixed with the Thoroughbred, American quarter horse, and Arabian, the Appaloosa is a favorite among endurance riders. This hardy, versatile horse is great for herding, pleasure riding, long-distance trail riding, and more. A colorful breed, its owes it’s unique appearance to the  mixed breeding.

Drinking Post

No matter which of the 5 favorite breeds of horses is your first choice, the Drinking Post has the perfect watering solution for every size and breed –  from Clydesdales to mini’s.  Use our online tools to help you find the right size post.  We offer several different sizes of Drinking Posts, 3′-10′. This is to accommodate animal height and your local frostline.

Here is a link to our what size tool to help you decide which Drinking Post is best for you:


Once you’ve decided on a size, here is a link to our online shop for pricing and shipping costs: https://dpwaterer.com/shop/

Like a Frost Free Hydrant

The Drinking Post works a lot like a frost-free yard hydrant. The base of the Drinking Post is buried 18″ below the local frostline and is connected directly to a pressurized waterline. So all the water comes up from below the frostline and then drains back down below the frostline.  Since all the water drains away after each use, there is never any standing water in the unit – and since there’s no standing water, there’s nothing in there to freeze! That’s how we’re able to keep it frost-free year round without using any electricity. Also, since the Drinking Post fills with new, fresh water with every single use, it stays incredibly clean! The animals love the fresh, clean water and you won’t have to spend your time cleaning it to keep it that way. No standing water means no freezing, but it also means no algae growth! There is never any algae growth in the Drinking Post.

Isn’t it time to say goodbye to that old horse watering trough and say hello to a new Drinking Post? Get started today  at  https://dpwaterer.com/automatic-waterer-guide/

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