Drinking Post Installation

Check out this installation video! Steve Lantvit installs 6 new Drinking Posts for his cattle in 1 day! It doesn’t get any quicker or easier than this!

Open the PDF for detailed step-by-step installation guide.  This is the exact Installation Guide that comes inside every Drinking Post.

Easy Installation!

Installing the Drinking Post is very easy and straightforward. The most important parts of Drinking Post installation are making sure the base of the Post is deep enough and making sure the leach field is big enough. The base of the Drinking Post must sit at least 18″ below the local frostline. The leach field must be at least 3′ x 3′ x 1′ deep.  If you have clay, hard pan, or rock in your soil, you’ll want to overbuild the leach field. If you have a high water table, please give us a call. A high water table can interfere with the functioning of the Drinking Post. Every Drinking Post will come with an Installation Guide, so make sure you and your installer read it through and call us with questions!

To see the Installation Guide, click this button:

  • The Drinking Post functions and installs like a frost-free hydrant.

  • The base of the Post sits 18″ below the local frost line and connects to a pressurized waterline.

  • The waterline must supply 25-65 PSI to the base of the Post.

  • The Post sits on top of a leach field made of crushed rock. The leach field must be 3′ x 3′ x 1′ deep.

  • No electricity, cement pad, or insulation required!

  • Any outdoor plumber or excavator can install the Drinking Post and many of our Dealers offer installation as well.

Where can the Drinking Post be installed?

The Drinking Post can be installed anywhere you have a pressurized waterline. This includes pastures, barns, paddocks, sheds, runs, stalls, in the fence line… literally ANYWHERE!


Barn and Stall

Runs and Sheds


Corrals and Lots

Now you have more flexibility in how you manage your pastures, paddocks, and stalls!

Drinking Post can be used in high-use areas with many animals, or in smaller areas with just one or two animals! Unlike many other auto-waterers, it can also be used for seasonal watering and rotational grazing since it can sit unused for any period of time! You don’t have to do anything to prepare the Drinking Post to sit unused, simply move your animals out of the lot and stop using it! It will work perfectly the next time you push the paddle.
  • No electricity is required to keep from freezing
  • No minimum head count to keep Post operational (each Post can handle 0 to 25 animals)
  • Once installed, there’s no cost to keep your Drinking Post “action ready”
  • No solar panel, insulation, heater, etc., needed to keep Post frost-free.
  • Connects directly to a pressurized water line 18″ below the frostline (the waterline must supply 25-65 PSI)
  • Easy installation – it installs like a frost-free hydrant which is very common. Any outdoor plumber or excavator will have experience with hydrants and can install Drinking Posts!

What's next after installation? Training your animals to use the Post!

Watch this video on training:

Not sure how deep your frostline is?

Installing the Drinking Post 18″ below the frostline is very important! Since the Post doesn’t have any heaters or electricity, the water must be held below the frostline to keep it from freezing. If you’re not sure how deep your local frostline is, you should call a local outdoor plumber, excavator, or your water department. They should be able to tell you your frostline depth. Once you know your frostline depth, you can figure out what size Drinking Post to order. You can use our Sizing Tool – click the button below, select what type of animals you have, and then enter your frostline depth in inches!
Click the button below to use our Sizing Tool:

How it Works

Check out this page to learn more about how the Drinking Post works! One of the best things about the Drinking Post is just how simple it is! The simplicity makes the product very reliable and easy to use.

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Choose Your Size

Identifying the right size waterer for your specific location and application is simple, and we can help make it simpler. Just tell us your needs and your location.

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Our customers are the center of everything we do at Drinking Post. See why our customers are raving about Drinking Post Frost-Free Automatic Waterers.

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Easy Installation

No electricity, no cement pad, no problem! Install the Drinking Post anywhere your livestock needs access to fresh water and you have a pressurized water line.

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