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The Drinking Post automatic alpaca/llama waterer has a specialized paddle! It helps the animal activate the paddle with ease!

Tired of breaking ice all winter and scrubbing algae all summer?

The Drinking Post automatic alpaca/llama waterer provides fresh, clean water with EVERY USE!

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Set it and forget it! Drinking Post offers worry-free, fresh water for your alpacas and llamas!

Benefits of the Drinking Post Alpaca/Llama Waterer:

Fresh, clean, water that’s 50 degrees F year round

    • Unlike other waterers, the Drinking Post does not have standing water in the bowl. Every drink is fresh, clean water for your animals that drains after every use.  No more scummy, algae-filled water troughs or tanks! Consistent water temperature is a HUGE motivator for your alpacas and llamas to drink more water.


    • Our unique design does not require electricity to maintain temperature controlled water! Our freeze-proof and energy-free automatic alpaca/llama waterers are similar to frost-free yard hydrants, both in installation and operation. Our waterer will not have any standing water above the frost line. The bowl starts to fill immediately once activated, fills completely within 5-8 seconds, and drains away after every use. No insulation or concrete pads are needed to keep the Drinking Post frost-free.

No Minimum Head Count

    • Whether you have a small herd or a large herd, a Drinking Post automatic waterer can service your watering needs! Many other automatic waterers require a minimum number of animals for the system to stay frost-free. Since the Drinking Post is completely empty unless it’s in use, the Drinking Post has NO minimum head count requirements! It can stay frost-free with a single alpaca or llama using it!

Alpaca/Llama Specific Paddle

    • Our automatic alpaca/llama waterer comes with a paddle that’s specially designed for for them! It’s a weighted block that attaches directly to the standard paddle. This weighted block makes the paddles easier to activate. Plus, when the weighted block is attached, the water is activated with a head-butting motion. This is a much easier action for alpacas and llamas to learn than pushing something down, like horses do with our standard paddle.

Alpacas and llamas are Camelid mammals (in the camel family), so they drink much less water than the other animals our product is designed for. This can extend the training timeline. Be sure you read our Training Guide before you purchase so you know what to expect.

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How it Works

The Drinking Post is an automatic frost-free waterer that doesn’t use any electricity! See how it works and learn how it can eliminate all your traditional watering issues! Say “goodbye” to chopping ice, scrubbing algae, hauling water, etc.!

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Summer Benefits

Animals need fresh, clean, and cool water in the summer to stay healthy and hydrated! The Drinking Post provides the freshest water at 50 F/10 C no matter how hot it is outside! Plus, it never grows any algae, so you won’t have to scrub your waterer to keep it clean!

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Winter Benefits

Watering animals in the winter can be very difficult! You find yourself chopping ice, hauling water, and paying high electricity bills! The Drinking Post is the worry-free waterer! No maintenance and no electricity!

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Training Guide

Drinking Post training is very easy! Any animal can learn the Drinking Post if you follow our simple training guide. Once they learn, they will have fresh, clean, and cool water that’s always on-demand!

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