Give your alpacas and llamas the gift of fresh, clean water.

Reimagine watering for your alpacas and llamas! With the Drinking Post, your animals will water themselves, freeing you up to spend time on what’s really important. The Post fills and drains with each use, keeping the water fresh and clean. It won’t grow any algae in the summer or freeze in the winter. No scrubbing, chopping ice, or hauling water!

The Drinking Post for Alpacas and Llamas

Fresh, clean, and cool water

  • Water stays at a constant temp of 50 F/10 C (consistent water temp is a HUGE motivator for your llama/alpaca to drink more water).
  • The bowl fills with fresh water every time your llama/alpaca push the paddle.
  • After they’re done, all the water drains away, so there’s never any standing water.
  • No standing water means no freezing or algae growth!

No Electricity Required!

  • The Drinking Post functions and installs like a frost-free hydrant.
  • There is a stop-and-drain valve at the base of the Post, which allows the unit to fill and drain with each use.
  • When the animal is done drinking, they release the paddle and all the water in the unit drains completely.
  • All the water fills and drains below the frostline, leaving the unit completely empty (there’s no water in there to freeze!).
  • This unique design doesn’t require any heaters, insulation, or concrete pads.

Versatile Design

  • Each Drinking Post can handle up to 25 animals. More than 25 animals in a lot? Just install additional Posts!
  • There is no minimum head count, the Drinking Post will stay frost-free even with no animals using it. This is great for fluctuating herd sizes and rotational grazing!
  • Since all the water drains below the frostline after each use, the Post can sit unused for long periods of time. You don’t have to do anything to prepare your Post to sit unused, just simply stop using it.

Specialized Paddle for Llama/Alpaca!

  • Llama/Alpaca will use our Livestock Riser Block Attachment. If you order the Drinking Post for Llama/Alpaca, the correct paddle attachment will be included.
  • The llama/alpaca paddle attachment is a weighted block that attaches to the standard flat paddle.
  • This attachment allows them to push the paddle forward, which is a more natural action for them.
  • This specialized attachment makes training easier. Check out our Training Guide for more info.
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Alpacas and llamas are Camelid mammals (in the camel family), so they drink much less water than the other animals our product is designed for. This can extend the training timeline. Be sure you read our Training Guide before you purchase so you know what to expect.

How it Works

The Drinking Post is an automatic frost-free waterer that doesn’t use any electricity! See how it works and learn how it can eliminate all your traditional watering issues! Say “goodbye” to chopping ice, scrubbing algae, hauling water, etc.!

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Summer Benefits

Animals need fresh, clean, and cool water in the summer to stay healthy and hydrated! The Drinking Post provides the freshest water at 50 F/10 C no matter how hot it is outside! Plus, it never grows any algae.

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Winter Benefits

Watering animals in the winter can be very difficult! You find yourself chopping ice, hauling water, and paying high electricity bills! The Drinking Post is the worry-free waterer! No maintenance and no electricity!

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Training Guide

Drinking Post training is very easy! Any animal can learn the Drinking Post if you follow our simple training guide. Once they learn, they will have fresh, clean, and cool water that’s always on-demand!

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