Alpaca / Llama Automatic Waterer (Ultimate)


Ultimate Watering Post

Backed with our 5 YEAR WARRANTY this is the best of the best in frost free automatic waterers for Llama and Alpaca.


This is a complete redesign of our original Drinking Post Waterer.   This model is called the Ultimate Watering Post.  For a complete side by side comparison of our Ultimate versus Legacy models, please visit our Automatic Waterer Comparison Chart

Alpaca and llama press their muzzle or head to the riser attachment on the paddle in an empty bowl.  The patent pending paddle design on this Ultimate Watering Post allows animals to activate the waterer simply by nudging the vertical riser attachment with their head.  Activating a waterer in this method is easy and comes naturally to alpaca and llamas.

This system delivers fresh, clean water on demand, year round.

For a complete list of features, visit our automatic waterer comparison chart.

Click for additional information on our alpaca and llama waterers.

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