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Tired of breaking ice all winter and scrubbing algae all summer?


The Drinking Post automatic horse waterer provides fresh, clean water with EVERY USE!

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Join TMJ Ranch as Mark and Tara Polson as they share their experience with Drinking Post automatic horse waterer. They discuss installation, training, and using the Post in hot, dusty climates!

Learn the basics of how the Drinking Post automatic horse waterer works! Frost-free, energy-free, and maintenance-free!

Why Drinking Post is the BEST automatic horse waterer!

Fresh, clean and 50 degree water year round

  • Unlike other automatic horse waterers, Drinking Post does not have standing water in the bowl. It fills and drains with every use, so each drink is fresh and clean! No no more scummy, algae-filled troughs or tanks! The water comes up directly from the waterline at a perfect 50 F/10 C year round, which will promote good drinking habits! Horses simply prefer fresh, clean water at the right temp!

No Electricity Required!

  • Our unique design does not require electricity to stay frost-free! The Drinking Post automatic horse waterer is similar to a frost free yard hydrant, both in installation and operation. The base of the Post is buried 18″ below the local frostline. When the paddle is pushed, the bowl starts to fill immediately. It will fill completely within 5-8 seconds. Once the paddle is released, all the water will drain away below the frostline! No heaters or insulation are needed for it to stay frost-free!

No Minimum Head Count

  • Whether you have a small herd or a large herd, the Drinking Post automatic horse waterer is perfect for your watering needs! Many other automatic horse waterers require a set number of horses to keep the system from freezing. Since there’s no standing water in the Post, there’s nothing there to freeze! Because of this, the Drinking Post has no minimum head count. It will work perfectly even if you only have 1 horse using it!

Let's see what size Drinking Post you'll need!

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Big muzzle? Huge head? Large animal? NO PROBLEM!  Check out this Clydesdale, standing tall at 19 hands, easily using the Drinking Post!

How it Works

How it Works

The Drinking Post is an automatic frost-free waterer that doesn’t use any electricity! See how it works and how it can eliminate all your traditional watering issues!

Installation Info

Installation Info

No electricity, no cement pad, no problem!  All you need is a pressurized waterline. Click the button below to learn more about the Drinking Post installation!

Find a Dealer

Find a Dealer

We have many local Dealers that sell the Drinking Post! Ordering through a Dealer will save you money on shipping. Click below to find a Dealer near you!

Buy a Post!

Buy a Post!

Ready to say goodbye to scrubbing algae and chopping ice? Start a new chapter of Worry-Free Watering! Click below to shop our Drinking Posts!

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