If you live in a cold climate, you know how difficult winter watering can be!

If you’re tired of chopping ice and paying high electricity bills, Drinking Post is your answer! It stays frost-free with no heaters or electricity. It’s been field tested in temps as low as -50 F/-45.5 C. The Drinking Post will completely eliminate your winter watering duties. Plus, your animals will drink more water because it’s always fresh and comes up at a constant ambient temp of 50 F/10 C.

If you wouldn’t drink your animals’ water, why should they?

  • The Drinking Post stays completely frost-free with no electricity or heaters! The base of the Post sits at least 18″ below the local frostline. It fills and drains with each use, so it’s completely empty when the animals aren’t drinking. No standing water means there’s nothing to freeze!
  • The Drinking Post doesn’t use any electricity! Heating troughs, tanks, and auto waterers can be very expensive. Drinking Post will save you a lot of money over the years by eliminating the need for electricity. Plus, you won’t have to run electricity during installation.
  • Water from the Drinking Post stays at a constant, ambient temperature. Since all the water is held deep in the ground, the water temp stays the same all the time. It comes up at 50 F/10 C, which is the perfect drinking temp. This makes the water very palatable for the animals, so they drink 30% more water!

Drinking Post is the best option if you’re dealing with cold weather watering concerns. Most other watering options have a reservoir of standing water that the animal drinks from. This reservoir either refills automatically or you have to refill it manually. Either way, it’s the root of all watering problems! It causes:

  • Freezing
  • Cold, icy water that’s not palatable for your animals
  • Reduced water consumption in winter (this causes colic!)
  • Dirt and debris settling in water
  • Animals playing in water
  • Bird feces and other contaminates falling in water

Drinking Post users don’t have ANY of these problems! There’s no standing water that needs to be heated to keep from freezing. The Drinking Post fills with FRESH, COOL water with every use! Your animals will drink more water and stay healthy & hydrated. And for you? No more chopping ice in sub-zero temps!

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