Mark & Tara Polson | TMJ Ranch

The Polsons discuss horse waterer installation in a barn as well as horse waterer installation in their pastures, training, horse troughs, how Drinking Post handle in hot, windy, dusty climates, and much, much more!

Here is their story:

See how John Guider of MN's Drinking Post paid for itself in ONE winter!

Red Hawk Ranch

Conifer, CO

Red Hawk Ranch horse training facility utilizes Drinking Post Frost Free Automatic Waterers is located at 8,200 feet in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. We explore what their experience has been with Drinking Posts and how it has affected their day to day operations, horses health, caretakers workload, quality of water, and much more!

K2 Angus Ranch

Ft Lupton, CO

Join in our conversation with Keith as we discuss the benefits of using Drinking Post for watering cattle. See how Drinking Post has helped to ease the workload at this cattle ranch.

Non Profit Horse Facility

Larkspur, CO

Drinking Post and Terry Draper of Horse Back Miracles explore the challenges of watering horses as a non-profit organization and the benefits of Drinking Post Waterers. Watch this video to learn about the effects Drinking Posts can have on non-profit organizations and how Drinking Posts can reduce workloads and increase benefits non-profits provide to the community.

Heath Marshall Horsemanship Training Facility

Penrose, CO

Tonia Marshall shares her experience with Drinking Post and discusses water intake, cleaning, maintenance, upkeep, training, and what to expect when utilizing Drinking Post’s at a Horse Training Facility.

Draft Horse & Drinking Post

Big muzzle? Huge head? Large animal? NO PROBLEM! We’ve got the perfect, easy, clean, fresh water source for you! Check out this Clydsedale, standing tall at 19 hands, easily utilizing Drinking Post Frost Free Automatic Waterer. With water draining out of the bowl after every single use, our automatic waterer will be sure to quench even the largest thirsts!

Drinking Post Frost Free Automatic Sheep Waterer

Morrison, CO

We’re not just for horse and cattle! Linda Marshall shares here experience with Drinking Post Automatic Sheep Waterer. Cool water all summer, warm water all winter. You can’t go wrong with this self-clean watering option! No more lugging hoses, filling buckets, scrubbing tanks, and breaking ice. Simplify your life while simultaneously providing the cleanest water possible for your animals!

Heath Marshall Horsemanship Training Facility

Penrose, CO

Heath of Heath Marshall Horsemanship share’s his experience utilizing Drinking Post Automatic Waterers. As it relates to training, with 50 to 60 head of horse coming though every year, Heath shares that all horses are using the Drinking Post within a couple of hours. They prefer to introduce horses to Drinking Posts with the training paddle. This ensures that horses, cattle, and livestock and can quickly and easily begin to experience the benefits of fresh, clean water.

Extreme Climate and Cattle with Nickel Valley Ranch

Caronport, SK

Craig Nickel of Caronport, Saskatchewan discusses how Drinking Post has benefited his ranch where -40 degree weather is common during the winter. Craig goes over how he installed his Drinking Posts,  watering 120 head of cattle, maintenance on Drinking Posts and training cattle on Drinking Post.

Drinking Post Spotlight

Keith and Hayden Outdoors Real Estate highlight the benefits of using Drinking Post Waterers. Keith talks about cattle and calves on the Drinking Post.

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No electricity, no cement pad, no problem!  The Drinking Post can be installed anywhere you have a pressurized water line.

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