If you live in a warm climate, you know the importance of keeping your animals hydrated!

Water intake can double in the summer. The hot weather causes your animals to sweat, and those fluids need to be restored! This is especially true if your animals are working. With the Drinking Post, you can feel confident they’re getting plenty of water. Animals love the fresh, cool water from the Drinking Post – and they drink a lot more because it’s so tasty! Who can blame them? There’s nothing like crisp, cool drink of water in the summer heat!


  • Never clean algae again! The Drinking Post fills and drains with each use, so there’s never standing water in the bowl. No standing water means no algae growth – EVER! Every time the paddle is pushed, brand-new, fresh water flows up directly from the waterline.


  • Animals with the Drinking Post drink more water than those without. In fact, they drink up to 30% MORE water! They love having constant access to fresh, clean water. The water is so palatable to them, they just drink more!


  • The water from the Drinking Post is always cool. The base of the Post sits deep in the ground, allowing the water to stay at a constant temp of 50 F/10 C. This is the perfect drinking temp for animals. If their water is cool, they’ll drink more.

Drinking Post is the best option if you’re dealing with warm weather watering concerns. Most other watering options have a reservoir of standing water that the animal drinks from. This reservoir either refills automatically or you have to refill it manually. Either way, it’s the root of all watering problems! It causes:

  • Algae growth
  • Hot, stagnate water
  • Bugs swarming
  • Dirt and debris settling in water
  • Animals playing in water
  • Bird feces and other contaminates falling in water
  • Larve growth

Drinking Post users don’t have ANY of these problems! There’s no standing, stagnate water – instead, the Drinking Post fills with FRESH, COOL water with every use! Your animals will drink more water and stay healthy and hydrated. And for you? No more scrubbing algae!

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Winter Benefits

Winter Benefits

Winter watering can be difficult and expensive. The Drinking Post makes winter watering cheap and easy! It stays frost-free all winter long without any electricity! It’s been tested in temps as low as -50 F/-45.6 C!

Find a Dealer

Find a Dealer

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Installation Info

Installation Info

No electricity, no cement pad, no problem!  All you need is a pressurized waterline. Click the button below to learn more about the Drinking Post installation!

Buy a Post!

Buy a Post!

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