Portable Drinking Post

The Portable Drinking Post is a convenient source of water for your horses, cows, sheep and other livestock.


Perfect for Warm Weather Areas


Open Pasture Friendly


Fresh Water on the Road

The Drinking Post Portable Waterer is easy to transport and set up anywhere!  Whether you are on the road at the local state fair or in the remote parts of your pasture.  Simply connect the Portable Waterer to a garden hose or other water source, and the fresh, cool, clean water is ready to drink.

If you already have Drinking Posts Waterers at your ranch, your thirsty animals will know what to do.  They simply press their nose to the paddle in an empty bowl and fresh water instantly fills the bowl with water.


Out of the box and installed in less than 10 minutes.

How Can We Help?

Contact a Drinking Post Product Expert today to ensure your livestock have the freshest water available to keep them healthy and happy. We look forward to connecting soon!

Phone: 303.482.1642
Email: [email protected]

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