Best In Class Automatic Livestock Waterers

Our Roots

Like all great innovations, Drinking Post Automatic Waterers were designed in Rye, Colorado in the early 1970’s out of necessity.  The seasonal temperature swings between summer and winter were dramatic and the available systems on the market, float systems or thermos type systems had drawbacks that made them less than ideal.  This is what spawned the idea for the Drinking Post Waterer, over 50 years ago.   What was developed was the very first non-electric automatic waterer.

Our intent was to keep things simple, strong, and inherently reliable.  Thankfully, this goal was accomplished and the result is the Drinking Post Waterer.

The reliability of our waterer can be attributed to the simplicity of design accompanied by the strength and quality of materials we use in manufacturing.

Simple. Strong. Reliable.

Drinking Post Waterers are virtually maintenance free, and operate at peak performance all year long.  Just look at the list of to dos we just took off your plate.

  • No heaters or heating elements to test, maintain, or replace
  • No float mechanism to adjust or maintain
  • No cement pad required
  • No electrical components or electric bill
  • Not a thermos-style system
  • No internal filters to clean or maintain
  • No minimum usage requirements to keep from freezing
  • No need to stack unit on top of used tires for cold climate installation


Just like our beginning days, Drinking Post remains focused on developing products focused on the health and welfare of your livestock, stand up to harsh environments, are easy to maintain, and don’t add more pressure to your wallet.  This philosophy leads us to manufacture products using best in class components.

  • 3/16” Stainless Steel rod activating mechanism (vs cable or string)

  • Solid ½” CPVC custom fit water lines (vs flex lines and hose clamps)

  • Strong 8” protective sleeve with .24” wall thickness provides high resistance to impact damage while at the same time affording the ability to yield under load without fracturing.

  • Stainless Steel fasteners utilized exclusively throughout

  • Poly valve housing material is strong and resilient to ensure years of maintenance free operation

Because there are only three moving parts, product malfunction is virtually impossible.

This means less work for you.  Drinking Posts have been installed throughout the United States, Canada, Iceland, and Europe since our inception in 1974.  Because our product requires no electricity to remain 100% frost free throughout the winter months, some say we were ‘green’ before green was the thing to be.

Drinking Post Waterer is the longest field-tested non electric waterer in existence.  Field tested since 1974!

At The Drinking Post, we make it our business to ensure that fresh, clean water is available to your horse, cattle, livestock, and pets year round at an ambient 50° Fahrenheit.  Based on the relative seasonal outdoor air temperature, this means cool water in the hotter months and warm water in the colder months, which will ensure maximum water intake and promote overall good health in all animals.

This is why The Drinking Post proves time and time again to be the waterer of choice in both cold and warm climates.

How Frost-Free Works

Our waterers are so easy, we don’t even need 3 steps. Thirsty animal fills drinking post by pressing the paddle. When the animal is done, all water drains out of the bowl.


Winter Benefits

Providing livestock quality water during the winter can be challenging in most climates. As in any other season, animals need adequate water intake to maintain health.

Easy Installation

No electricity, no cement pad, no problem! Install the Drinking Post anywhere your livestock needs access to fresh water and you have a pressurized water line.



Our customers are the center of everything we do at Drinking Post. See why our customers are raving about Drinking Post Frost-Free Automatic Waterers.

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