Pig / Hog Automatic Waterer (Ultimate)


The Ultimate Drinking Post for Pigs/Hogs

The Drinking Post is the most reliable automatic waterer for pigs and hogs. It will eliminate all your watering chores – no more chopping ice, scrubbing algae, filling tanks, or dragging hoses! The bowl fills and drains with each use, which provides your animals with fresh, clean water every time they take a drink. It doesn’t require any electricity and it can stay frost-free in temps as low as -50 F/-45.5 C! It’s so sturdy and durable that it’s backed with a 5 Year Warranty!

The Pig Paddle Attachment: The Drinking Post for Pigs/Hogs features a small block that attaches to the standard flat paddle.  To activate the water, they push the block forward with their snout. This motion is much easier for pigs than pushing the paddle down. This paddle attachment will come included with your Drinking Post for Pigs/Hogs.

For more info on the Drinking Post for Pigs and Hogs, click here.

The Ultimate Drinking Post:  The “Ultimate” model is a complete redesign of our original Drinking Post (the Legacy model). To see all the updates we made, check out the Ultimate vs. Legacy Comparison Chart.  

Need help with sizing? Before you order, you need to determine the correct size. Click here to use our Sizing Tool. Buying the right size for your climate is very important!




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