Reasons We Love Horses

There are lots of reasons we love horses. Horses are 100% natural!!! They aren’t crafted from man-made materials…there is nothing artificial or unnatural about them. They don’t use up fossil fuels, they don’t deplete the ozone, they don’t make loud noises or pollute the air with smokey exhaust fumes.  For an all-natural, alternative energy conveyance, they are hard to beat. Plus, horseback riding can have a calming effect on riders.  As the saying goes “The best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse”. Your horse gives you so much.  The very least you can do is remember that your horse loves and needs fresh pure water.


Get Outdoors With Your Horse

Are you feeling the need to get off the couch, shut the door behind you and go out into the great outdoors? Horse chores coupled with riding are a great way to motivate you to get out of the house and get some fresh air and healthy activity. Plus, you’re burning calories and getting a good muscle workout with all the grooming and saddling.  You’re enjoying a good physical workout even before you get on horseback and go for a ride. Caring for and riding horses is a good way to practice a healthy lifestyle and a great way to spend time outdoors and boost your overall mood and sense of well-being. Get outdoors and on your horse today!


Meet People

Are you looking to expand your group of friends and interact with more like-minded folks?  Well, get on down to the nearest horse facility or trail system near you. Your horse can be your “calling card”.   Horses open the door to new friendships with fellow horse lovers. There are many social activities around horses…from riding with a group or chatting while working with your stable mates, or meeting new friends at shows, meets and trail rides. These social occasions are also a great time to share stories, gather tips and advice on everything from de-worming to the latest tack or newest pair of boots, there’s always reasons to connect with fellow horse owners. Horses bring us together!


Love Horses for Friendship

Horses make the perfect companion for many of us. They are quick to develop relationships with rider and care givers.  They generally perk up and are happy to see us. (that mood may have something to do with the treats you sometimes bring, but that’s beside the point) Horses can often be described as “affectionate” and willing to please. Horses show their affection by nuzzling, nudging, and rubbing up against owners, or resting their heads on us. Any way they express it, friendship with a horse can be rewarding. They give us so much pleasure and companionship. That’s one of the many reasons we love horses.

There are so many things to like about horses it’s no wonder there are over 9 million horses in the U S and the horse industry accounts for about 40 billion dollars of the annual US economy. For those reasons and so many more – we all want what’s best for our horses – and ourselves!


Fresh Water

When it comes to clean fresh water, more and more of the three-million-plus North American horse owners are turning to Drinking Post Frost Free Automatic Livestock Waterers. With a Drinking Post your horses enjoy an unlimited supply of fresh water year-round. You never have to worry about hauling buckets of water, or breaking ice so your horses can drink in the winter.

Unlike other cattle waterers, Drinking Post Waterers do not have standing water in the bowl. Every drink is fresh, clean water that drains out of the bowl after every use.  Since the Drinking Post fills and drains with each animal’s use, it stays very clean.  Imagine the simplicity!  There is never any standing water in the Drinking Post bowl. It won’t grow algae, so you won’t have to worry about scrubbing the watering trough in the summer. It won’t freeze so you won’t have to break the ice sheets on standing water every morning!


A Portable Drinking Post!

We even make a unit that can be used as a portable Drinking Post.  Our three-foot post can be picked up and moved to suit your horse watering needs.  Whether you need a moveable Drinking Post for rotational grazing or as a convenient, familiar waterer to travel with you and your horse, The Drinking Post portable 3 foot post is the perfect solution.  Many horse owners will bring their portable posts with them to shows, events, even trail rides. With an adapter that connects to a garden hose, you can easily get fresh water to your horses most anywhere with this handy portable option.

Of course, we still offer Drinking Posts for permanent installation…. anywhere from 3 to 10 feet in length depending on your situation.  Here is a link to our What Size Tool to help you decide which Drinking Post is best for you:   Once you’ve decided on a size, here’s a link to our online shop for pricing and shipping:

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3 thoughts on “Reasons We Love Horses”

  1. You made an interesting point when you mentioned that horses make the perfect companion for many people. If you own a horse, I would think that you would need to show it the proper respect it needs by providing it with adequate care. I would think that you would also need to provide the horse with a nice shelter that it can use to avoid the elements.

    • Yes, you are correct! While horses are hardy animals, they do need some sort of protection from the elements. Many horse owners have a barn with stalls. They will keep their horses stalled at night and during storms or adverse weather. However, something as simple as a 3-sided run-in shed will suffice as well. A run-in shed is perfectly fine for horses that are kept in a pasture full time. In the winter, it’s important to be sure horses are blanketed when the temperatures drop at night, especially if they are kept in a pasture.

  2. What a heartwarming post celebrating the reasons we love horses! It beautifully captures the deep and profound connection between humans and these magnificent animals.

    As I read through the reasons listed, I couldn’t help but think about the well-being of our beloved equine friends. I wonder if anyone has explored using the best horse calming supplement to further enhance the bond between horse and human. Such supplements might offer a calming effect, allowing for even more meaningful interactions and moments of joy with these majestic creatures.

    Thank you for reminding us of the many reasons horses hold a special place in our hearts. Your post is a true testament to the magic of the horse-human relationship, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to celebrate these incredible animals with you. Looking forward to more heartwarming content from!


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