Is Farming Your New Hobby?

There’s an exciting trend in farming.  It’s been called Hobby Farming and it’s beginning to gather many  practitioners.  What is “hobby farming” and is it something you or a family member or friend might consider? Hobby farming means that you are not trying to run a small farm business.   That’s where the term “Hobby” comes … Read more

Not Your Father’s Veterinarian

What’s new in animal healthcare?  Veterinary Medicine is undergoing rapid changes.  In fact, the world of Veterinary Medicine is in such a rapid state of change that your new veterinarian may be very different from your father’s veterinarian. A solo veterinarian in a small town who does everything for everybody at all hours of the … Read more

Protecting your Livestock from Predators

Guarding Your Livestock from Predators With winter weather upon us and spring “birthing season" just around the corner, your livestock’s vulnerability to predators is of special concern. Coyotes, dogs, and to an extent bobcat, foxes, and in some areas even wolves, can pose a deadly risk to your livestock. How do you protect your livestock from ... Read more

Automatic Livestock Waterers – A Simple Beginning

  “Necessity is the mother of invention”. We’ve all heard that quote, but for one young Iowa farm boy – William Louden – “invention” became the answer to his unique challenges and later proved to be the impetus for a successful barn and stable equipment company.  His company known as Louden Machinery, was awarded 118 … Read more

Salt Toxicity in Livestock — What To Look For

Salt Toxicity in Livestock – What To Look For Salt, while a necessary and crucial nutrient for any living thing, can be a double edged sword. Too much salt in your livestock’s diet can range from unhealthy to deadly. Couple that with too little water and it leads to high mortality rates. What can you … Read more


Before we jump into the FAQ’s  here is some general info about the Drinking Post to get us started… The Drinking Post works a lot like a frost-free yard hydrant. The base of the Drinking Post is buried 18″ below the local frostline and is connected directly to a pressurized waterline. So all the water comes … Read more

Winter Waterers for Horses, Cattle and Livestock

Winter can make the most mundane tasks challenging.  This reality is clearly illustrated when it comes to watering animals.  For as long as man has worked alongside horse and livestock, watering methods and their seasonal variations have persisted. As fate would have it, when diving temperatures make it most difficult to provide clean, fresh water, … Read more

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