Salt Toxicity in Livestock — What To Look For

Salt Toxicity in Livestock – What To Look For Salt, while a necessary and crucial nutrient for any living thing, can be a double edged sword. Too much salt in your livestock’s diet can range from unhealthy to deadly. Couple that with too little water and it leads to high mortality rates. What can you … Read more

Determining your frostline…

Before installing a Drinking Post Automatic Waterer, you’ll want to determine your local frostline or frost depth. This is the most important aspect of installation for a Drinking Post to be successful! We utilize a stop and drain valve at the bottom of the Drinking Post. All water remains at the valve until it is … Read more

The Value of Clean Water by Nancy S. Loving, DVM

automatic waterer after horse drinking

THE VALUE OF CLEAN WATER By Nancy S. Loving, DVM   Water is the most essential nutrient available to animals. Domestic animals can go for many weeks without food but cannot survive even a week without water. Would you drink the water that is accessible to your animals? This caveat serves as a useful guideline … Read more

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