A Simple Beginning

William Louden “Necessity is the mother of invention”. We’ve all heard that quote, but for one young Iowa farm boy – William Louden – “invention” became the answer to his unique challenges and later proved to be the impetus for a simple beginning of a successful barn and stable equipment company.  His company known as … Read more

Salt Toxicity in Livestock

Salt Toxicity in Livestock – What To Look For Salt, while a necessary and crucial nutrient for any living thing, can be a double edged sword. Too much salt in your livestock’s diet can range from unhealthy to deadly. Couple that with too little water and it leads to high mortality rates. What can you … Read more

Determine Your Local Frostline

Before installing a Drinking Post Automatic Waterer, you’ll want to determine your local frostline or frost depth. This is the most important aspect of installation for a Drinking Post to be successful! We utilize a stop and drain valve at the bottom of the Drinking Post. All water remains at the valve until it is … Read more

Automatic Pig Waterers

As with all livestock, pigs need a fresh supply of water to remain happy and healthy. Don’t overlook water, it’s the most important nutrient! When comparing automatic waterer types for horses and cattle, the options can be staggering. This is not the case with automatic pig waterers. Generally speaking you can break all the waterer … Read more

Water Pigs in Summer

hog in mud puddle next to pig waterer

Although it may seem far off, the hot summer months are quickly approaching. Now is the time to ensure that your water set up is adequate for your litter. Food nutrition is only one aspect to consider for pig health and growth; water is just as important to monitor. Not only will water help to … Read more

Drinking Post Paddles

automatic waterer paddle

What Style Paddle Should I Use With My Drinking Post Waterer??? Whether you are installing a Drinking Post for your goats or currently using a Drinking Post for your herd of cattle, you may have noticed that we offer 4 types of paddles. You want the easiest option for your livestock to have access to … Read more

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