50 Years of Frost-Free

Innovations Designed Out Of Necessity Like all great innovations, Drinking Post Frost Free Waterers were designed out of necessity. In the early 1970’s, watering of livestock was a constant challenge for ranchers in Rye Colorado.  The need for fresh on-demand water year-round called for an innovative solution. But the first challenge of the dealing with … Read more

Loveable Barnyard Misfits

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We’ve all heard that expression before today. It generally means that our individual notions of beauty are subjective to personal opinions.  What one person finds attractive may not be pleasing to another. People have different ideas about what constitutes beauty in the animal kingdom. We’ll investigate three … Read more

Cover Crops Save Soil

Have you heard expression – “everything old is new again”?  That same expression can describe the “new” use of cover crops in today’s successful farming. The practice of using cover crops was employed for many years, but had declined since the first half of the 20th century. With the development of herbicides, many farmers transitioned … Read more

5 Favorite Breeds of Horses

Drinking Post For Livestock We love all kinds of livestock at the Drinking Post, and horses are one of our favorites.    No matter what your favorite breed – The Drinking Post Frost Free Automatic Livestock Waterer is the perfect choice for your horse’s waterering needs. Let’s look at 5 favorite breeds of horses and … Read more

Cool Off Livestock

Beat the Heat Hot enough for you? Sweltering heat can affect farm animals as much as – if not more than – humans. Heat stress can cause serious health issues and possibly even death depending on the severity.  How do you cool off livestock  to keep them comfortable, hydrated, and safe from the side effects … Read more

Honeybees Are Important

Honeybees are Important We all know honeybees are important pollinators for our flower, fruits and vegetables.   They are also nature’s perfect delivery vehicles for applying chemicals to plants via the flower. Bees have delicate dexterity, wonderfully small, fuzzy bodies, and an unsurpassed aptitude for flying from flower to flower. But pollen is not the only … Read more

Rotational Grazing

Rotational Grazing If you’re looking to improve the usefulness of pastureland, you’ve certainly come across the term rotational grazing. It’s the practice of containing and moving animals through pasture to improve soil, plant, and animal health. Rotational grazing is being used today to improve pasture usage and to make the most of limited resources.  It’s … Read more

Beef Cattle Water Requirements

Whether you’re new to cattle or you’re an old hand wanting solid advice for raising a healthy productive herd, there are many important factors to weigh. From purchasing and establishing your herd to housing, fencing, and feeding, there’s a lot to consider. Most importantly, you’ll want to consider your beef cattle water requirements. It goes … Read more

What is Sustainable Agriculture?

 Sustainable Agriculture There’s a new style of farming that is gaining popularity worldwide. It comes with the ambitious name: sustainable agriculture. Just what does it mean and who needs sustainable agriculture? Read on – it’s an exciting new approach to the old practice of having large farms that produce only one or two crops or … Read more

Urban Farming

Farming Comes to Town You no longer need to travel “out of town and into the country” to visit a farm.  The newest trend in farming is called – Urban Farming. Urban farming incorporates agricultural plots located in urban areas where people raise animals and plants to produce food.  If you’re getting ready to take … Read more

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