Troubleshooting – How to create an interior cap

Below is the materials list for an interior cap:

You will use this interior cap to cap off your open nipple, allowing you to turn your water on while you have your Drinking Post interior removed for maintenance. Once you get these materials from your local hardware store, assemble and adhere them together, you will be able to screw it onto the open nipple and safely turn your water back on!



3/4″ PVC Pipe – you can purchase this in all different lengths, you just want to get one at least as long as your Drinking Post. So if you have an 8 ft. Drinking Post, you will want to get a 3/4″ PVC pipe that is at least 8 ft. long.



3/4″ PVC Female Fitting – this is what you will attach to the bottom of the 3/4″ PVC pipe so you can thread it onto the open nipple at the base of the exterior.





3/4″ PVC Cap – this will cap the top of the 3/4″ PVC pipe so the water cannot shoot out when you turn it back on.


PVC Purple Primer and Cement – Once you purchase the three PVC parts needed to create the makeshift cap, you will need to get PVC primer and glue to adhere everything together. If you do not adhere them together, they will not hold when you turn your water on. You will apply the PVC Purple Primer first to the top and bottom of the 3/4″ PVC pipe so you can adhere the female fitting to one end and the cap to the other (the primer we recommend is pictured on the left). Then, before the primer is dry, you will apply the PVC Cement (pictured on the right). Then, you will attach the female fitting and the cap to opposite ends and let it all dry. Once it’s dry, you will put your newly created makeshift cap into your exterior sleeve and thread it on to the open nipple, just like you would do with your Drinking Post interior.

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