Why Drinking Post?

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Drinking Post is a premium automatic waterer for horses and livestock. It’s unique because it stays frost-free without electricity or heaters! It works like a frost-free yard hydrant and fills and drains with each use. The water is always fresh, never grows algae, and doesn’t require any cleaning. Whether you live in a cold or warm climate, the Drinking Post will make your life easier!

We're the Gold Standard

Drinking Post is Different

It solves watering problems that others can't.

The Drinking Post is unlike other waterers on the market. It fills and drains with each use, so there’s never any standing water! All other waterers you can buy (both automatic and manual) will have a reservoir of standing water that the animal drinks from. This reservoir is the root of all watering problems – freezing, algae growth, dirt/debris, bugs, bacteria, water-borne illness, etc.. With the Drinking Post, you never have to worry about any of these issues. 



We stand behind our product with a comprehensive 5 year warranty. Drinking Post is strong, sturdy, and durable! 


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Find my size

Drinking Post comes in all different sizes, from 3 ft. to 10 ft. long. That way, you can get the perfect size for your climate and the type of animals you have. The base of the Post needs to sit at least 18″ below ground to stay frost-free. It will come far enough above ground to be about equal to the shoulder height of your smallest animal.

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