The Importance of Clean Water for Cattle: How It Leads to More Weight Gain

The Importance of Clean Water for Cattle: How It Leads to More Weight Gain Cattle producers and ranchers understand the importance of providing their livestock with clean, fresh water. However, what many may not realize is that the quality of the water can have a significant impact on the weight and overall health of their … Read more

Herd Mentality in Cattle

What can be more peaceful than the sight of cattle grazing on a grassy hillside? They seem so content, so relaxed, and seemingly oblivious to anything except the grass they’re eating. However, there’s more to these group dynamics than meets the eye! There’s a definite social hierarchy within the herd that’s missed by the typical … Read more

Water Quality and Cattle Weight Gain

There have been several studies performed that confirm what many might consider to be common sense.  Providing clean water for cattle will increase their water intake.  Drinking more water leads to increased feed intake, which results in greater weight gain.  This translates directly to higher revenues for the cattle rancher.  In addition, it’s not just … Read more

Feeding Calves Need Water

Myth: Young calves in the milk feeding period don’t need water Today we are myth busting! The myth we’re examining?: Young calves don’t need water (specifically, calves in the milk feeding period). Upon first glance, I can see how this myth could form – I mean we don’t feed our human infants water, right? All … Read more

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