Top Five Reasons to Raise sheep

Have you considered raising sheep?  Yes, sheep! It can be an enjoyable and even profitable activity for the working farmer, the hobby farmer, or just families with some room who want a different kind of pet. There’s lots of motivations to raise sheep. Let’s look at the top five reasons to raise sheep.


They give us Wool!! Even with all of todays’ synthetic materials, you’d be surprised to learn just how much wool is still used! Wool has a multitude of uses – clothing, bedding, furniture, even insulation for houses. Yes, house insulation! Many consider wool to be a superior fiber for insulating. It is naturally flame-resistant, non-carcinogenic, it helps absorb toxins from your home, it is recyclable, sustainable, is a natural sound blocker, and has many other benefits. You can sell your wool to a local mill. You can also sell your raw wool for money on Etsy or to local customers that have a use for it.


Sheep can provide very nutritious milk. It’s true. Among sheep milk’s many nutritional benefits: double the calcium of cow milk, and high levels of vitamins, particularly, vitamin C, B, thiamin, riboflavin, and B-12. Sheep milk is a popular staple throughout world. It is used to make ricotta, feta, and Roquefort and other cheeses. Sheep milk has more solids in it than cow milk and thus its milk yields more cheese per fluid ounce. Yogurt can also be produced from the milk.

Lawn Mowers

Sheep Are Natural Lawn Mowers!! Tired of mowing your lawn all the time? Let sheep do it for you! You will save time and money! You can even rent your sheep out to individuals or companies that want to have their lawn mown the eco-friendly way. Not only will they keep your grass short, but they will also fertilize it as well. Some golf courses have actually done this!

Mutton or Lamb

They’re delicious! Sheep Meat is consumed throughout the world, including here in North America. Some sheep producers sell certified meat directly to local customers via local farmers markets, sell online, or to restaurants. Sellers may also go to a slaughterhouse or retail market. Raising sheep for your own table is a smart way to have economic, organic, local meat.

Friendly Pets

Sheep Make Friendly Pets. If you aren’t a dog or cat person, you might be a sheep person! They are friendly, adorable, low-maintenance pets. A miniature sheep would help a child learn responsibility, and lead to involvement with 4-H. When it comes to raising sheep, there are so many possibilities.

They you have our top five reasons to raise sheep. When you’re planning to add sheep to your operation – don’t forget their watering needs. Our unique design does not require electricity to maintain temperature-controlled water! Our freeze proof and energy free sheep waterers are similar to frost free yard hydrants in installation and operation. No insulation or concrete pads needed to keep our sheep waterers frost free.

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