Drinking Post for Peak Performance

Drinking Post for Peak Performance

“Peak Performance” – that’s a term we hear bantered about when talking about sports stars and athletes.  Athletes prepare, train and follow strict nutritional and hydration guidelines.   Many argue, hydration is equally as important as nutrition, perhaps even more crucial to Peak Performance.

Remember, the quality of your water is also important.  No athlete would accept dirty, polluted water.  Why would we expect any less for our livestock?  As we say here at Drinking Post “If you won’t drink your livestock’s water, why should they?”

Your livestock needn’t drink polluted water!   We know of no better way to provide, automatic self-watering for your livestock than with a Drinking Post automatic livestock waterer.  The superior hydration provided by a Drinking Post is crucial to your livestock’s Peak Performance. And remember – livestock dehydration can be detrimental to their health, and in turn, your bottom line. Consuming fresh drinking water has been directly linked to weight gain in cattle.

Signs of Dehydration

How do you know if your livestock is suffering from dehydration?    Common signs include lethargy (lack of energy), irritability, listlessness, loss of appetite, the urine becomes darker and stronger smelling. And the eyes will appear sunken and dull.

The simplest and most widely recommended way to identify dehydration in your animals is called the “Pinch test”. Grab with your thumb and forefinger and pull the animals skin away from their body, a well hydrated animal’s skin will return to a normal position within 1 second.

Now that we’ve learned to identify the problem, let’s look at some of the adverse effects that can occur because of dehydration

Dehydrated animals suffer from lower growth rates and reduced milk production in dairy cattle. Dehydration usually leads to a decrease in feed intake, thus reducing growth rates in cattle, swine and poultry.  Dehydration can also result in salt poisoning, which can be fatal.

Drinking enough water helps to eliminate waste products, produce milk and saliva, transport nutrients, hormone and other chemical messages within the body, and aid in temperature regulation.

Water QualityHorses at Automatic Waterer

Water quality, as well as quantity, may affect feed consumption and animal health since poor water quality will normally result in reduced water and feed consumption.  With clean water consumption, the benefits are evident including better health and significant weight gain in cattle

For Peak Performance your livestock needs adequate, clean water to thrive, and a Drinking Post automatic livestock waterer can deliver the quantity and the quality water you desperately need for your operation.

Drinking Post for Peak Performance

Remember – hydration in winter is equally important as summertime watering. Start this New Year right with a Drinking post for peak perfomance.  Visit us today and see for yourself!  https://dpwaterer.com/automatic-waterer-guide/

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