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Mid-Nebraska Feeds takes immense pride in offering a diverse range of feeds and equipment tailored for various species. With an unwavering commitment to quality, they deliver fresh, premium products to their valued customers every single day. Their comprehensive inventory includes both commercial and show feeds, catering to the unique nutritional needs of livestock such as cattle, horses, sheep, goats, poultry, swine, as well as beloved pets including dogs, cats, deer, and even exotic companions. Moreover, Mid-Nebraska Feeds is delighted to introduce the innovative Drinking Post waterer to their esteemed product lineup, recognizing that providing essential sustenance such as food and water is paramount in ensuring optimal animal welfare – a responsibility they fulfill with utmost dedication.

Why Drinking Post?

Drinking Post is a premium automatic waterer for horses and livestock. It’s unique because it fills and drains with each use. Each time your animal pushes the paddle, they get fresh water directly from the line. The magic of the Drinking Post is that it drains after each use, leaving the unit completely empty and devoid of standing, stagnant water. 

Save money, save water, and save your time!

Drinking Post is Different

It solves watering problems that others can't.

The Drinking Post is unique because it fills and drains with each use, so there’s never any standing water! Other waterers like troughs, tanks, and buckets have a reservoir of standing water that the animal drinks from. This reservoir causes most watering problems – it grows algae, collects dirt and debris, attracts bugs and bacteria, and provides a breeding ground for water-borne illnesses. With the Drinking Post, all the water drains away (and all those problems with it!).


The Ultimate Bowl and Paddle Assembly comes with the new bowl, paddle, and all the accessories for each


We stand behind our product with a comprehensive 5 year warranty. Drinking Post is strong, sturdy, and durable! 


The Drinking Post functions and installs like a frost-free yard hydrant. The most important parts of the installation are (1) making sure the base of your Post sits 18″ below the frostline, and (2) making sure your leach field is big enough. Because the Drinking Post is so similar to a yard hydrant, any outdoor plumber or excavator can easily install it. Please read our Installation Guide before getting started.

Your local Dealer, Mid-Nebraska Feeds, can answer all your questions about Drinking Post installation. Give them a call at (402) 705-3177.

We're the Gold Standard

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