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Drinking Post and Green Way by Kovarna Bros have partnered to bring our premium automatic horse & livestock waterer to Iowa!

Why Drinking Post?

Drinking Post is a premium automatic waterer for horses and livestock. It’s unique because it stays frost-free without electricity or heaters! It works like a frost-free yard hydrant and fills and drains with each use. The water is always fresh and it never freezes or grows algae. No cleaning or maintenance required – just install it and watch it work! 

Save money, save water, and save your time!

Drinking Post is Different

It solves watering problems that others can't.

The Drinking Post is unique because it fills and drains with each use, so there’s never any standing water! Other waterers like troughs, tanks, and buckets have a reservoir of standing water that the animal drinks from. This reservoir causes most watering problems – it freezes, grows algae, collects dirt & debris, attracts bugs, bacteria, and water-borne illness, etc.. With the Drinking Post, all the water drains away (and all those problems with it!).


Complete Ultimate Bowl and Paddle 3 - in sleeve resized and cropped


We stand behind our product with a comprehensive 5 year warranty. Drinking Post is strong, sturdy, and durable! 


The Drinking Post functions and installs like a frost-free yard hydrant. The most important parts of the installation are (1) making sure the base of your Post sits 18″ below the frostline, and (2) making sure your leach field is big enough. Because the Drinking Post is so similar to a yard hydrant, any outdoor plumber or excavator can easily install it. Please read our Installation Guide before getting started.

Your local Dealer, Green Way by Kovarna Bros, can refer you to a local installer. If you have any questions, please call Green Way by Kovarna Bros! 

We're the Gold Standard

Call Green Way by Kovarna Bros today at (712) 239-2654 to learn more about the Drinking Post and to place your order!

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