How Does It Work?

Drinking Post is an automatic frost-free waterer that doesn’t require any electricity. If there’s no electricity or heater, how does it keep from freezing? Well, it works a lot like a frost-free yard hydrant – the base of the Post sits deep in the ground, 18″ below your local frostline, where it connects directly to your pressurized waterline (see the installation diagram, below).

We sell many different lengths of Drinking Posts (2 ft. to 10 ft. long), so every customer can get the perfect size for their local frostline depth. The Drinking Post fills and drains with every single use! This is the most important part of how the Drinking Post works. Fresh water comes up from below the frostline when your animal pushes the paddle for a drink. Then, anything they didn’t drink, will drain away completely back below the frostline. This means there’s never any standing water in the unit, so there’s nothing in there to freeze!

Since there’s no standing water, you don’t have to worry about water freezing, algae growing, bugs swarming, or dirt collecting! It stays incredibly fresh and clean with no effort on your part. Your Drinking Post will sit directly on top of a leach field made of washed rock – that’s where the water will drain away to.

The Drinking Post is specially designed for cold-weather climates and has been tested in temps as low as -50 degrees F (-46 degrees C)! It also has many warm weather benefits as well (like no algae growth), so it can be used and enjoyed by customers in any climate.

Top view of the Drinking Post. Here you can see the bowl, paddle, and training attachment.

Benefits of an Energy-Free Waterer

You don’t have to run an electrical line during installation. This means a cheaper and easier installation for you.

You won’t have to pay high electricity bills to heat your water through winter. Heating large stock tanks, troughs, and automatic waterers can be very expensive! With the Drinking Post, no electricity means no electricity bill!

Electricity poses a safety risk to animals. Many horses and livestock will chew on electrical cords and play with heating elements. This is dangerous! Malfunctioning heaters can also shock animals through the water (water and electricity don’t mix!).

Electricity means one less thing that can malfunction in the winter! Heaters always seem to go out on the coldest day of the year and you’ll end up chopping ice or hauling water in the meantime.

Energy-free waterers are better for the environment. Not using electricity is a much more sustainable solution and you can feel good about reducing your footprint!

What About Installation?

This is a diagram of the Drinking Post installation. You can see that the base is 18" below the frostline and it sits on a leach field made of rocks.

Here are the top 5 things to know about installation:

One – It installs like a frost-free yard hydrant. This means any outdoor plumber or excavator can install your Post! It does not require a specialized installation or installer.

Two – The 2 most important things during installation are making sure the base sits 18″ below the local frostline & making sure the leach field is plenty big.

Three – You can install a Drinking Post anywhere – free-standing in a pasture, placed in stalls, paddocks, corrals, lots, stall runs, etc. You will need to run a waterline to the location you’d like your Post. Or, you can install the Post in an area where there is an existing waterline.

Four – Your pressurized waterline needs to deliver between 25 and 65 PSI to the Drinking Post. Your waterline can be supplied by city water or well water, it doesn’t matter as long as there is enough pressure.

Five – You do not need a concrete pad and you do not need to run an electrical line.

Now What?

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Every Ultimate Drinking Post comes with a 5 year warranty!
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