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Meet Chris Badenhop and Eagles Rest Ranch, your Ocala Drinking Post Dealer! ERR is a Warmblood breeding and boarding facility, boasting a beautiful 34-stall main barn as well as a 16-stall breeding barn. This is the ideal facility for breeding and boarding! They also sell Hayhuts, offer training, and now they carry the Drinking Post as well! Chris loves the Ranch life, he truly enjoys working side-by-side with all of the foals, weanlings, and yearlings! Give Chris a call today to chat about Drinking Post!

Why Drinking Post?

Drinking Post is a premium automatic waterer for horses and livestock. It’s unique because it fills and drains with each use. Each time your animal pushes the paddle, they get fresh water directly from the line. The magic of the Drinking Post is that it drains after each use, leaving the unit completely empty and devoid of standing, stagnant water. 

Save money, save water, and save your time!

Drinking Post is Different

It solves watering problems that others can't.

The Drinking Post is unique because it fills and drains with each use, so there’s never any standing water! Other waterers like troughs, tanks, and buckets have a reservoir of standing water that the animal drinks from. This reservoir causes most watering problems – it grows algae, collects dirt and debris, attracts bugs and bacteria, and provides a breeding ground for water-borne illnesses. With the Drinking Post, all the water drains away (and all those problems with it!).


The Ultimate Bowl and Paddle Assembly comes with the new bowl, paddle, and all the accessories for each


We stand behind our product with a comprehensive 5 year warranty. Drinking Post is strong, sturdy, and durable! 


The Drinking Post is the perfect watering solution for Florida. It provides fresh, cool water without any algae growth! Drinking Post truly is The Worry-Free Waterer – just set it and forget it! The installation is easy, just connect the base to your pressurized waterline! The Post will sit on top of a leach field made of washed rock, which is where the water will drain.

Chris Badenhop with Eagles Rest Ranch can answer all your Florida-specific installation questions and can help you choose the correct size. 

We're the Gold Standard

Call Chris Badenhop with Eagles Rest Ranch today at (516) 924-2831 to learn more about the Drinking Post and to place your order!

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