Cattle Waterer by Drinking Post

Non Electric Automatic Cattle Waterers


Tired of breaking ice all winter and scrubbing algae all summer?

Then check this out!

On demand, fresh, clean water EVERY USE.


The best cattle waterer available according to K2 Angus Ranch. In summer heat and winter cold of Colorado, only Drinking Post Waterer provides clean, clear water at ground temperature year round. Join K2 and get rid of your cattle trough with Drinking Post Automatic Waterers!

Why Drinking Post is the best solution for your cattle watering needs:

  • Fresh, clean and 50 degree water year round
      • Unlike other cattle waterers, Drinking Post Waterers do not have standing water in the bowl. Every drink is fresh clean water for your animals that drain after every use.  So no more scummy, algae full cattle water troughs or tanks!
  • Non Electric
      • Our unique design does not require electricity to maintain temperature controlled water! Our freeze proof and energy free cattle waterer are similar to frost free yard hydrants in installation and operation. Our waterer will not have any standing water above the frost line, the bowl fills once activated in 5-8 seconds and drains immediately after every use. No insulation or concrete pads needed to keep our cattle waterers frost free.
  • No Minimum Head Count
      • Whether you have a small herd or a large herd, Drinking Post automatic cattle waterers can service your watering needs! Many other automatic cattle watering systems require a set number of cattle to use their system to keep it freeze proof. With no standing water at risk of freezing, Drinking Post has no minimum head count to keep our waterers functional.
  • Sturdy Design
      • Each frost free cattle waterer is housed and protected by a strong exterior 8″ sleeve.  Recommended above ground height for cattle waterers is just below your smallest animal’s shoulder height, which means that most of the waterer will be supported and protected by ground cover and goes a long way to prevent rubbing. Other options for increasing durability and longevity of Drinking Post cattle waters are splitting fence lines to add more support (and animal accessibility) to the waterer and placing tires around the Drinking Post to prevent rubbing.

Freeze Proof Automatic Cattle Waterers installed in Saskatchewan, CA. The HIGH temperature the three weeks prior to filming this video was – 30 Celcius!

Join us as we visit with Craig and get his first hand experience on how he likes using Drinking Post Automatic Cattle Waterers in some of the coldest conditions possible. Listen in as we discuss what it is like to utilize a free proof, non electric waterer in extreme cold conditions with over 120 head of cattle.

Say goodbye to high electric bills and endless water related chores and join the Drinking Post Cattle Waterer revolution! Cleaner water with less effort!

Health Benefits

Nothing has greater influence on the well being of livestock than water intake. To maximize water intake is to ensure uninhibited access to clean fresh water.


Summer Benefits

Water intake can double during the summer months. When a horse is working hard and sweating it can lose 5-10% of its body weight that needs to be replenished.


Winter Benefits

Providing livestock quality water during the winter can be challenging in most climates. As in any other season, animals need adequate water intake to maintain health.

Easy Installation

No electricity, no cement pad, no problem! Install the Drinking Post anywhere your livestock needs access to fresh water and you have a pressurized water line.

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