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We’re looking to partner with someone in your area that’s involved with the local equine/ag community. If that’s you, we’d love to tell you more about our Dealer Program. 

You focus on selling Drinking Posts... We'll do the rest.

  • Service your customers after the sale 
  • Handle all warranty replacements 
  • Guide you through marketing/advertising, provide you with custom creatives, and pay for half of all marketing costs
  • Show you how to be successful
  • Constantly innovate/update our products and add new products to our line 
  • Send you purchase-ready leads

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We're the Gold Standard

Join the Drinking Post Family.

Join the ranks of over 100 successful Dealers who are selling the Drinking Post to their local communities. Drinking Post is exploding in popularity – now is the time to become the official Drinking Post Dealer for your area. 

Drinking Post is Different

It solves watering problems that others can't.

Drinking Post is the Gold Standard in automatic watering. It provides the freshest, cleanest water possible. It doesn’t grow any algae and it doesn’t require cleaning or maintenance. It stays frost-free in even the coldest climates and it doesn’t require any electricity. 


Complete Ultimate Bowl and Paddle 3 - in sleeve resized and cropped


We stand behind our product with a comprehensive 5 year warranty. Drinking Post is strong, sturdy, and durable. Join a company that takes care of their customers. The 5 year warranty is a great selling point that your customers will love. Plus, we handle all warranty replacements for you. 

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When you become a Dealer, you’re added to our Dealer Map so customers can easily find you. 


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