Protecting Livestock from Predation

Guarding Your Livestock from Predators With winter weather upon us and spring “birthing season" just around the corner, your livestock’s vulnerability to predators is of special concern. Coyotes, dogs, and to an extent bobcat, foxes, and in some areas even wolves, can pose a deadly risk to your livestock. How do you protect your livestock from ... Read more


Before we jump into the FAQ’s  here is some general info about the Drinking Post to get us started… The Drinking Post works a lot like a frost-free yard hydrant. The base of the Drinking Post is buried 18″ below the local frostline and is connected directly to a pressurized waterline. So all the water comes … Read more

Why Drinking Post is the BEST!

Every company thinks their products are the best… but do they have solid reasons to back it up? Well, Drinking Post does! Today I am going to go over all the reasons why Drinking Post is the BEST! Not just because we’re awesome (we are), but because we have a superior product. Are you thinking … Read more

Drinking Post Training

There’s one question we always get when it comes to the Drinking Post… “Is my horse smart enough to learn how to use this thing?”. It’s a fair question since the Drinking Post requires the animal to activate the water flow. But the answer is yes! Your animal is smart enough to learn the Drinking … Read more

Odors in Your Pig Pen

Pigsty, pig waterer

One thing that all pig owners know is that pigs can be stinky. No one likes a smelly pigsty – not you and definitely not your neighbors! The bad news is you will never completely eliminate the smell of your piggies… the good news is you absolutely can mitigate it! Today I’m going to lay … Read more

Feeding Calves Need Water

Myth: Young calves in the milk feeding period don’t need water Today we are myth busting! The myth we’re examining?: Young calves don’t need water (specifically, calves in the milk feeding period). Upon first glance, I can see how this myth could form – I mean we don’t feed our human infants water, right? All … Read more

Pros and Cons of Horse Troughs

horse trough with brown horse drinking

    When it comes to watering, I have always used the traditional horse trough. I was taught that you water your animals with a trough and I never questioned it. I’m sure there are lots of you out there just like me! We’ve never thought twice about our troughs! However, there are actually lots … Read more

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