The Importance of Clean Water for Cattle: How It Leads to More Weight Gain

The Importance of Clean Water for Cattle: How It Leads to More Weight Gain Cattle producers and ranchers understand the importance of providing their livestock with clean, fresh water. However, what many may not realize is that the quality of the water can have a significant impact on the weight and overall health of their … Read more

Herd Mentality in Cattle

What can be more peaceful than the sight of cattle grazing on a grassy hillside? They seem so content, so relaxed, and seemingly oblivious to anything except the grass they’re eating. However, there’s more to these group dynamics than meets the eye! There’s a definite social hierarchy within the herd that’s missed by the typical … Read more

Determine Your Local Frostline

Before installing a Drinking Post Automatic Waterer, you’ll want to determine your local frostline or frost depth. This is the most important aspect of installation for a Drinking Post to be successful! We utilize a stop and drain valve at the bottom of the Drinking Post. All water remains at the valve until it is … Read more

Why Drinking Post is the BEST!

Why Drinking Post is the BEST! Every company thinks their products are the best… but do they have solid reasons to back it up? Well, Drinking Post does! Today I am going to go over just some of the reasons why Drinking Post is the BEST! Not just because we’re awesome (we are), but because ... Read more

Drinking Post Training

There’s one question we always get when it comes to the Drinking Post… “Is my animal smart enough to learn this thing?”. It’s a fair question since the Drinking Post requires the animal to activate the water flow. But, the answer is YES! Your animal is smart enough to learn the Drinking Post (and no, … Read more

Automatic Pig Waterers

Pigs need a fresh supply of water to remain happy and healthy, in fact, water is the most important nutrient for pigs! Automatic pig waterers typically come in two types – nipple waterers and cup waterers. We’ll look at both in this article, see how they work, and examine the benefits. The Drinking Post Waterer is … Read more

Drinking Post Paddles

automatic waterer paddle

What Style Paddle Should I Use With My Drinking Post Waterer??? Whether you are installing a Drinking Post for your goats or currently using a Drinking Post for your herd of cattle, you may have noticed that we offer 4 types of paddles. You want the easiest option for your livestock to have access to … Read more

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