Automate Fresh Drinking Water

What steps are you taking to monitor the health and well-being of the animals in your care?   Like most livestock owners, you are constantly on guard to protect your animals against many dangers.  You’re worried about environmental conditions.  Animal’s physical health is a prime concern. A good lievstock manager needs to monitor the vital statistics of individual animals.  You also worry about your animal’s access to fresh drinking water.  Maybe it’s time to consider the best way to automate fresh drinking water on your farm.

Automate Fresh Drinking Water

We know that using a Drinking Post automatic waterer, saves you time, money, and labor.  A Drinking Post is a frost-free automatic waterer.  Putting it in simplest terms, it provides an unlimited supply of fresh drinking water year-round.  Best of all, you can connect your Drinking Post to any pressurized water line.

By adding a Drinking Post, it’s possible to eliminate breaking ice in the watering trough.  Your dislike of hauling water to your livestock goes away by automating with a Drinking Post.  We’re sure you’re wandering what other information or tasks are “automated” to save you money, labor, and worry. Let’s investigate the latest innovations in monitoring your livestock remotely and automatically.

Monitor Remotely

The adoption of remote monitoring systems by more and more livestock owners yields some interesting uses and a variety of information.  All the new technology provides insight into the health and well-being of the animal. As you can imagine, with remote monitoring you needn’t be in physical contact or even close to the animal.  Remote monitors can be a time-saver as well as an early warning system.  Plus, monitors provide insights into difficult-to-detect animal health issues.  Finally, monitors help identify illness or even identify pregnancy sooner to increase odds of better care.

The information stream now connects you to your animals at any remote location. You can monitor your animal’s health signs from the kitchen table, in the office or anywhere a cell phone can go.

Monitor Environment

Not every automated system is designed to monitor animal health statistics. Basically, some systems merely monitor environmental factors, while still providing important information.  Moreover, the system will alert you to power failures, security threats, spikes or drops in temperature (especially in enclosed spaces) and even warnings of equipment malfunction.  You can readily see that monitors give you one more “set of eyes”for early warning of the many threats to your animal’s welfare.

Horses at Automatic Waterer

Now you remotely monitor temperature and activity in your poultry house or barn. Indeed, the information flow doesn’t stop there.  Beyond that, notifications go out when your breeding females are most fertile.  Furthermore, remote monitors can measure the life of grain in silos.

First Steps to Automate Fresh Drinking Water

You are ready to take your first steps to automate fresh drinking water. Start with the easiest and best step. Step up to a Drinking Post! The design of a Drinking Post automatic waterer provides fresh water in even the most extreme temperatures. Best of all – it requires no electricity and frankly, rarely requires any monitoring.

Install a Drinking Post automatic livestock waterer and your animals will enjoy an unlimited supply of water year-round. That’s one less issue you’ll need to monitor. Find out about your new Drinking Post automatic livestock waterer today!


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