Not Your Father’s Veterinarian

Not Your Father’s Veterinarian

What’s new in animal healthcare?  Veterinary Medicine is undergoing rapid changes.  In fact, the world of Veterinary Medicine is in such a rapid state of change that your new veterinarian may be very different from your father’s veterinarian.

A solo veterinarian in a small town who does everything for everybody at all hours of the day and night is a thing of the past. But the need of a veterinarian for agriculture is more alive now than it has been in even last 10 years. Both managers and owners of livestock alike need that strong relationship with a veterinarian.

But demands on time and resources have turned up some interesting new trends in veterinary care.  Single practices are being replaced by corporate ownership.

Did you know that the Mars candy company, known for M&Ms as well as pet food, owns more than 2,000 veterinary hospitals in the U.S. and Europe and employs over 50,000 veterinary professionals?   About 10 percent of U S veterinary practices are corporate owned, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and that number is increasing rapidly.

Step Aside Gentleman

The physical appearance of your new vet may be different from your previous notions of what a veterinarian looks like.  Gentleman – prepare to step aside! In truth, today women comprise more than 60% of veterinarians in the U.S. That percentage grows each year because vet schools now enroll 80% to 90% women.

Veterinarians are increasingly adapting the changing expectations from livestock owners. Veterinarians are not just there to treat an individual animal.  Many farms today work hard to pass requested animal welfare audits. Veterinarians are helping to solve facility issues, designing barns, and helping to prevent pneumonia with better ventilation systems.

As the size of operations and expense of investing in livestock production continues to grow, and the expectations for the level of service provided by the veterinarian has increased.  Increasingly, Veterinarians need to understand and interpret farm records and provide advise on a multitude of animal care concerns. Nutrition, food safety, transportation, and even meat exports became part of the job for newly trained veterinarians.

Horses at Automatic WatererUnlimited Fresh Water

While veterinary medicine and veterinarians themselves are changing with the times, one animal health need is universal and time-less.  Your animals still need access to an unlimited supply of water year-round.  You don’t need a veterinary degree to understand that need.

That’s where the Drinking Post automatic livestock waterer comes to the rescue.  A Drinking Post is a frost-free automatic waterer that provides and unlimited supply of water for your animals year-round.  A Drinking Post automatic waterer install and performs much like the more familiar frost-free yard hydrant. To find the Drinking Post that best for your animals and your climate start here:  Better yet, share your newly discovered information with your vet to see what she/he thinks of automatic waterers and the Drinking Post

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