Sugar Creek, OH

I have been keeping horses for 40 plus years. I have always kept water buckets in their stalls. Yes, I know all about washing them to keep them sanitary, as well as knocking ice out of them in the winter. A friend introduced me to the Drinking Posts. Since then, keeping the horses supplied with … Read more

Galva, ND

Our Drinking Post has never frozen and we consistently have -30 degree temps for weeks on end. I still can’t believe how well this product works in our North Dakota climate. Great product!!!

Louisville, KY

We love the “Drinking Post” It’s a no brainer. Best thing we have bought in a long time. Seemed expensive at first but the benefits totally out weigh the cost. My vet said the quickest way to get a horse sick is dirty standing water. Horses now have clean, cool water any time of the … Read more

Parker, CO

I could not be happier with the Drinking Post waterer. After having several issues with a competitor’s automatic waterer, I can say with enthusiasm, this waterer is worry free. There’s no need to mess with broken sensors or running electricity to the unit like other waterers require. Plus it’s been no problem for all my … Read more

Hope, ID

Love the drinking Post. My horses learned how to use it in an afternoon. Their water is always clean and cool.. No more worries with frozen water buckets in the winter.. Would highly recommend the Drinking Post to anyone.. Love it!! Wonderful in the winter months!!

Eau Claire, WI

Here in Eauclaire, WI we will consistently have 22 inches of snow and temperatures that will be 20 below zero for four or five days at a time, and we’ve never had any issues with our Drinking Post Waterer freezing up or malfunctioning. At times we’ve gone out on morning when it’s 15 to 20 … Read more

Paulden, AZ

We recently moved down South and wanted our horses and miniature donkeys to have fresh cool water every time they took a drink and the watering post was the only thing that we found met that our needs (Fresh Water, no power, field placed and durable). The customer support was above and beyond great and … Read more

Pease Farm Stable, Middlesex, VT

For 20+years, I hauled water in buckets to my herd of 15 school horses, or wrestled with the homemade lids on my watertubs, trying to keep all that expensive electrically-heated water from steaming into Vermont’s -30 degree winter mornings. Last year, though I was still very skeptical, I was also very tired, so I bought … Read more

Garden City, KS

In 1987 when we built my horse barn we installed seven Drinking Post Waterers. We were so happy with them that when we added eight new stalls we installed eight new Drinking Post Waterers. As far as I’m concerned this is the only automatic drinking fountain for horses. It’s frost proof with no freeze up … Read more

Celebrity Farms — Belton, MO

We’ve had our Drinking Posts since 2002 and could not be happier with them. The health benefits of not having any standing water are fantastic. Cool water in the summer, warm water in the winter. In addition they’ve proven to be a real time saver when compared to hauling buckets and hoses.

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