Why Drinking Post is the BEST!

Every company thinks their products are the best… but do they have solid reasons to back it up? Well, Drinking Post does! Today I am going to go over just some of the reasons why Drinking Post is the BEST! Not just because we’re awesome (we are), but because we have a superior product. Are you thinking about buying a Drinking Post? Here’s why we’re the best….

1. We offer the cleanest water!

One of the major drawbacks of using a trough or a stock tank is that they get SO dirty SO quickly! It’s a constant battle to try and keep them clean. Especially in the summer when all that algae starts to grow (gross!). Any type of waterer that has a large basin to hold the water (basically every watering method out there, both traditional and automatic) is just a cesspool of bacteria and algae. Throw in a side of dirt and debris and you have yourself a typical watering setup. If you don’t want your animal drinking all that nasty stuff, you have to be out cleaning it all the time!

Doesn’t sound like the ideal setup to me… And Drinking Post agrees! That’s why we designed our automatic waterer to offer new, fresh water every time your animals come up for a drink. Think of it like a drinking fountain for horses and livestock! Not only is the water sparkling clean because it comes directly from the waterline into the bowl, but it’s also 50 degrees F year round! And there’s only one thing better than fresh water… Fresh, cool water! 

2. It's simple!

The best designs are simple! And that’s true with Drinking Post, too… we have an innovative watering system that’s actually simple, yet effective. The Drinking Post only has 3 moving parts. So if something goes wrong, troubleshooting and fixing the problem is not a long, drawn out process. It’s easy to identify the problem because it can really only be one of a few things going on. Plus, the fact that the Drinking Post doesn’t require a heater to stay frost-free makes it even more simple! Removing the heater from the equation removes one more thing that could go wrong in the middle of the freezing cold winter when the last thing you want to be doing is messing around with your waterer.

Not only is the unit itself simple, but it makes watering simple for you. No breaking ice or scrubbing algae, no dumping water and cleaning. No maintenance. Just install the Drinking Post and watch it work, year after year! If something is going on with your Drinking Post, we’ve made it easy to remove the interior to work on it. You will never have to dig up the unit once it’s installed. You just unscrew the bowl and pull it out of the sleeve. Once you have the interior removed, it’s easy to inspect and fix anything that could be going wrong. 

3. Lowest Operating Cost

It’s simple and saves you money? This is starting to sound too good to be true… But it’s not! The Drinking Post doesn’t have any on-going operating costs because it doesn’t require electricity! Drinking Post is an innovator in the field because we’ve come up with a waterer that stays frost-free without requiring a heating element. And if you’ve ever used a stock tank or automatic waterer with a heater,  you know just how expensive it can be (and if you haven’t, I’ll let you in on the secret anyways… it’s really expensive).

With the Drinking Post, the only cost is the upfront cost of purchasing the unit. You may also have installation costs if you don’t have the equipment to install it yourself. But once you have it up and running, there are no more costs coming down the pike! In fact, if you replace a heated waterer with a Drinking Post (and you live in a cold climate), we see that the Drinking Post will pay for itself in as little as one winter! Imagine how much you will save after a couple of decades.

Bonus: don’t forget that time is money! If you factor in all of your time that will be saved because you don’t have to clean your tanks or scrub algae or break ice, that savings amount goes from a lot to a whole lot!

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4. Built the BEST!

The Drinking Post is simple, high quality, and reliable! (I mean, come on guys, this is just getting out of hand… It’s really starting to sound too good to be true). Well, it may sound too good to be true, but it’s not! The Drinking Post is extremely reliable because it’s built to last. We don’t make products that will break on you so you’ll have to replace them or constantly buy parts. That’s not how we do business. We designed the Drinking Post to last you for decades!

The Drinking Post is made up of a thick synthetic polymer blend (PVC, only better). Why do we use this PVC material? Well it’s strong, but it has flex when needed. So when your bull is leaning up against it or your horse kicks it, it will flex, not break. Plus, your animal’s nose is in the bowl pushing the paddle all the time, so it can’t be metal, because that would get extremely hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Our PVC material is temperature neutral, so it’s always comfortable for your animals to use. While all the animal-facing components are our PVC material, all the fittings are stainless steel or brass. The activating rod that connects the paddle with the valve is also stainless steel.

Plus, the Drinking Post is connected directly to the waterline, we never install using a flex hose. The Drinking Post also comes in different sizes, so you will get the perfect size based on the specific depth of your frostline. This means there is a solid construction from top to bottom, regardless of how deep that is. We never rely on tires or insulation to bridge the gap between the waterer and the waterline like some other automatic waterers on the market. 

5. NO Electricity!!

One of the major distinguishing features between Drinking Post and other automatic waterers is that we don’t require electricity! Our waterer works much like a frost-free yard hydrant (which is pretty genius, if you ask us!). If you have a frost-free yard hydrant, you know how reliable they are. Every time you pull the handle, whether it’s 100 degrees out or -20 degrees out, you know you will get fresh water.

Same thing with Drinking Post! You can be confident that it will work, no matter what time of year it is. Other non-electric waterers on the market will have some sort of insulation component – if you see this, run! If a waterer does not have electricity and is relying on insulation, this is not going to be reliable at all. The magic of the Drinking Post is in the installation and the stop-and-drain valve. As long as your Post is installed correctly – with the base 18” below your local frostline – you can count on it never freezing!

The stop-and-drain valve is what brings the fresh water up to the bowl when the paddle is pushed and (here’s the money shot) drains it completely after every use! Since it drains after every use, there is never any standing water in the unit… and if there’s no water, there’s nothing to freeze! It really is a genius design and concept (hey, I may be slightly biased, but this is objectively a great design!).


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As you can see, there are so many things that make Drinking Post the best. And I think you will agree if you give it a shot. Not only is our product great, but we have a great team too! All of our Drinking Posts are manufactured on site at our location right there in the US! Plus, every single Drinking Post is tested before it goes out the door. So when you get your Post you know that it was tested and inspected for proper functioning. If you do have an issue, just give us a call! We always strive to give our customers the best experience possible and will work with you to make sure you’re loving your Drinking Post! 

Check out our FAQ:

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For more information on how the Drinking Post works (and why it’s so great) you can check out this page on our website: https://dpwaterer.com/how-drinking-post-waterer-works/. It details how frost-free works! You can also check out our savings calculator which will tell you how much the Drinking Post will save you over time. You can find that here: https://dpwaterer.com/waterer-electricity-savings-calculator/. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DrinkingPost) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/drinkingpostwaterers/)

5 thoughts on “Why Drinking Post is the BEST!”

  1. I am planning to install two automatic waterers, one in a paddock/pasture and one just outside my barn and under an overhang. I have two horses. I’m curious how hard water will affect the waterers. I’m also curious about why I should choose drinking posts over BarBarA waterers… Deciding soon…

    • Hi Jeannine, hard water will not be detrimental to the Drinking Post. The worst case scenario is that you may have to clean your intake filter more often. This is a very simple process and can be completed in just a few minutes! You can find a video that shows how to clean your intake filter here: https://dpwaterer.com/maintenance/. Compared to other products on the market, the Drinking Post’s filter doesn’t get clogged as much and is very easy to clean. So even if you have hard water, the Drinking Post is still a great option for you!

    • Hi Pam, yes you can tee off of your yard hydrant. The Drinking Post just needs between 25-65 PSI at the base of the Post, so as long as it gets enough water pressure, you won’t have an issue. The Drinking Post functions and installs just like an frost-free yard hydrant. For more installation info, check out this page


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