Automatic Pig Waterers

Pigs need a fresh supply of water to remain happy and healthy, in fact, water is the most important nutrient for pigs! Automatic pig waterers typically come in two types – nipple waterers and cup waterers. We’ll look at both in this article, see how they work, and examine the benefits. The Drinking Post Waterer is … Read more

Odors in Your Pig Pen

Pigsty, pig waterer

One thing that all pig owners know is that pigs can be stinky. No one likes a smelly pigsty – not you and definitely not your neighbors! The bad news is you will never completely eliminate the smell of your piggies… the good news is you absolutely can mitigate it! Today I’m going to lay … Read more

Water Pigs in Summer

hog in mud puddle next to pig waterer

Although it may seem far off, the hot summer months are quickly approaching. Now is the time to ensure that your water set up is adequate for your litter. Food nutrition is only one aspect to consider for pig health and growth; water is just as important to monitor. Not only will water help to … Read more

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