Best-In-Class Automatic Pig Waterers

Our specialized pig paddle makes activating the Drinking Post EASY for pigs of any size!

Tired of picking up knocked over water containers and refilling them?


No more messy waterers! The Drinking Post automatic pig waterer provides fresh, clean water with EVERY USE!

Set it and forget it! Drinking Post offers worry-free, fresh and clean water for pigs and hogs of all sizes!

The best automatic pig waterer available! Don’t take our word for it, listen in on James G.’s experience with our hog waterer. In the summer heat and cold winters of Colorado, Drinking Post Waterer provides his hogs with clean, clear water at ground temperature all year round. Get Drinking Post and replace your dirty pig and hog waterers with the clean, cool, fresh water from Drinking Post Automatic Waterers!

Why Drinking Post is the best automatic pig waterer:

Fresh, clean and 50 degree water year round

  • Unlike other waterers, Drinking Post automatic pig waterers don’t have standing water in the bowl. Every time your animal drinks, they get brand-new, fresh water directly from the water line! It drains after every use, keeping the water clean and clear. No more scum, algae, or mud -filled troughs or tanks! Consistent water temperature all year long is a HUGE motivator for your pigs and hogs to drink more water, which leads to healthier animals!


  • Our unique design does not require electricity to maintain temperature controlled water! Our freeze-proof and energy-free pig waterers are similar to frost-free yard hydrants in installation and operation. Our waterer will not have any standing water above the frost line. Once the paddle has been pushed, the bowl will fill in 5-8 seconds with fresh water directly from the waterline. Then it will drain immediately after every use. No insulation or concrete pads are needed to keep our pig waterers frost-free.

No Minimum Head Count

  • Whether you have a small litter or a large passel, Drinking Post automatic pig waterers can service your watering needs! Many other automatic pig watering systems require a minimum number of animals to use their system to keep it freeze-proof. With no standing water to freeze in the bowl, Drinking Post has no minimum head count to stay functional!

Pig/Hog Specific Paddle

  • Our Automatic Pig Waterer comes with a paddle attachment that was specially designed with pigs and hogs in mind! This weighted block attaches directly to our standard paddle. It helps to reduce the force needed to activate the water, and it sticks out of the bowl so the pigs can easily push it with their snout, allowing them to use the Drinking Post with ease! Our standard paddle is tough and is designed to stand up to even the toughest drinkers!

Let's see what size Drinking Post you'll need!

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Installation Info

Installation Info

No electricity, no cement pad, no problem!  All you need is a pressurized waterline. Click the button below to learn more about the Drinking Post installation!

Find a Dealer

Find a Dealer

We have many local Dealers that sell the Drinking Post! Ordering through a Dealer will save you money on shipping. Click below to find a Dealer near you!

Winter Benefits

Winter Benefits

Winter watering can be difficult and expensive. The Drinking Post makes winter watering cheap and easy! It stays frost-free all winter long without any electricity! It’s been tested in temps as low as -50 F/-45.6 C!

Buy a Post!

Buy a Post!

Ready to say goodbye to scrubbing algae and chopping ice? Start a new chapter of Worry-Free Watering! Click below to shop our Drinking Posts!

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